Ending on a high note

It was really nice to end the week and pretty much the year, on a high note. Stark Magazine included one of my newest photos in their online stream.

It's one I made in one of the handful of ghost towns I visited in southern Saskatchewan over the summer. I have a few more coming from that trip soon.

foregone conclusions

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Winter Salon

So I'm pretty excited about this. I found out last week that my three submissions were selected to be included in Winter Salon at the Photohaus Gallery in Vancouver. The opening reception is on Thursday November 27 at 7:30pm. Two of the three photographs were shot in ghost towns in Saskatchewan over the summer. The third was taken close to home (Calgary) in a location I've been eyeing for over a year. Access to this place is difficult and dependant on the weather (Dry Weather Only Road) but was well worth the wait.

If you are in the Vancouver area, please drop by. I am unable to attend the opening, but my work, and the show, will be on until at least December 13th. There will also be photography on display from other great photographers.



orkney one

orkney one




A few weekends back my wife and I did a short weekend trip to Glacier National Park in Montana to celebrate our 12 year anniversary. Despite it being really windy the whole weekend (35-45kph winds with gusts of 80kph) and not very warm (+13˚C as the high), it was still really nice to be there. With it being early in the season (the going to the sun road was still closed and being dug out) the park was rather empty. Where we were staying, in Saint Mary, we seemed to get off lucky with the rain as it was pouring pretty much everywhere else we went in the park.

With all that rain, wind and cloud came plenty of opportunities for some photography. The past two times we have been there, it was endless cloud free blue skies. Needless to say, I was happy.

There were a few locations that I have been to during prior visits that I would have liked to shoot again, but those areas were under construction and closed. In some ways that was good. It got us to explore other areas of the park that we haven't seen before, like the Two Medicine area. Some of you who know me personally would know I am quite fond of driving (I compete in a regional rally series with a rwd corolla, though that's currently on hold). I was not disappointed; the roads and the landscape that surrounded us were so beautiful.

Other highlights were a great sunset on the first night and sighting a mother grizzly with her three cubs. We ended up being close enough that it was not a good idea for me to get out of the car to grab my camera that was in the trunk. So instead of trying to capture the moment, I just enjoyed it. There was a time when I would have gotten frustrated or disappointed that I didn't get the shot. As I've grown in photography I've come to learn that sometimes it's okay to leave the camera in the bag and just listen, watch and experience. For me it's been a process of slowing down and being deliberate with what I shoot. Another way to look at it is comparing it to a relationship. It's sometimes just better to listen than it is to be the one always talking.

Sunday Drive

Here are a few photos from the line of storms that blew by Calgary On Sunday July 6th, from along Hwy 24 between the Trans-Canada and Carseland, Ab.

Though I didn't get to see the big Mother Ship formations, what we did get to see was still impressive. It's hard to grow tired of the skies in Alberta.

Road Trip x (clouds+new camera) = experiment

Sunset over Cranbrook, BC

Sunset over Cranbrook, BC

I'm currently on a bit of a road trip out to the west coast and have seen some awesome sunsets and some clouds wrapping around mountain tops. This made me want to test something out. So lucky you, the reader, get to be my test subjects.

I recently bought a Canon 6D. I have been wanting to upgrade to a Full Frame SLR and between some OT and my day job and getting some more client work I was able to make it work. I know the arguments of it's not the gear etc and I may get into that another time but not today.

My experiment I am wanting to try and see how it works is:

  • I'm on the road.
  • I have my iPhone and my 6D.
  • I use Squarespace for my website, which have great mobile apps for blogging etc.

The 6D has built in wifi, a feature I have always dismissed in DSLRs, until now. Canon has an app called EOS Remote it has a bunch of really neat nerdy things in there which the tech geek in me loves. The one main feature is the ability to view and transfer the .jpg previews onto you iphone. Ok I know Big Deal, but here is my experiment. Those jpg transfers are the photos are here in this blog post, with a mild bit of editing in snapseed

Are they the best quality I could put out, probably not. Are they a preview of what I could be working on and get people interested? Hell yes.

So here is to no more iPhone photos of the LCD screen of my SLR as a preview of what's to come. I'm enjoying this new bit of tech and it may even help me to post more on my blog.

Welcome to my experiment.

Morning clouds in Idaho

Morning clouds in Idaho

Engulfed -  Morning clouds in Idaho

Engulfed - Morning clouds in Idaho