I am still here.

It's been one hell of a start to my year, as a result it's been awhile since I've updated anything on here. Actually even touching my camera at all. I did shoot a local Motorsport event in March (Cochrane Winter Rally) which I am still working on my photos from. As well as Rally test day in Kananaskis in May. Again, photos I am still working on. It's been a real struggle to find the motivation to pick up my camera and go. Especially since photography is in a way something I need. Not something I do.

Yesterday was a bit of a treat or an oasis of sorts. A friend of mine was passing through on his way east for a shooting project and invited me to join him shooting for his day in the albertan prairie. It was really nice to pick up my camera again. I am hoping this may be the little push I need to go. Here is a quick sample of what I may have made yesterday. It's a JPEG wifi transfer from my camera to my phone and a quick edit in snapseed (available for both iOS and android for free)


If you haven't heard of Kevin Boyle or haven't seen his work you should really go take a look. His work is outstanding.