I've seen a lot of them. Some have been blah or so-so. Most have been stereotypical but rarely over the top.

On Saturday Jan 18 my wife and I went out for a drive. We went down to Nanton, Ab. Then headed west to Black Diamond and Turner Valley. While walking around Black Diamond after a visit to the Blue Rock Gallery, there was a really nice chinook arc just to the west of us. Time to head back home. We went through Turner Valley and the curiosity of flood damage got the better of me. That's when it happened. The blanket of red. Not just the sky, but everything.

This sunset fell into the category of over the top. Well over. The photos of this I tried with my SLR I haven't taken a look at just yet. But I am extremely happy I had my phone with me to at least record what we were seeing. And that's where these photos are from. My phone. Unedited. Enjoy. I sure did.