My first winter shoot of the season (part two)

On Christmas Day I posted a little blurb about my first winter shoot of the season. Along with that I posted an iPhone photo of the scene. Well turns out that was the only thing I shot on our trip to my wife's parents for xmas. I wanted to shoot a bit more but circumstance didn't allow for it, no big deal.

Move forward to today and I finally got around to processing the handful of photos I made while I was there. The photo I have chosen out of the bunch was one that I used my 70-200mm at 200mm and took 3 photos and stitched them together.

Why? Well a few reasons. One my wide lens was way to wide to even see the barn on the hill. My trusty 50mm was still too wide, unless I wanted to start hiking through a field of waste deep snow. So I decided on the big lens and borrowing a technique that I have seen my friend Kevin doing for a while. Below is the final result, hope you like it. I have some more on the way soon as I got out shooting today for a couple of hours. I almost got stuck with both legs into waist deep snow in a ditch as people drove by and just looked at me funny.