The results of deep and forward

In my last post I mentioned about being stuck in waist deep snow while people drive on past. This week I would like to share what I was making while getting both legs cemented in the deep.

This photo was again born of 3 photographs taken vertically and stitched together. All were regular exposures. It's a bit if an experiment I am trying to get more from less (possibly more on the experiment in a later post). It's also photo I am considering for my Abandoned Alberta series:


a series documenting the old and decrepit farms, houses, barns, etc, that are spread across the rural landscape of Alberta. If only these walls could speak…

A number of years ago I started that series, but with a lack of direction it quickly became stagnant . Unsure how to move forward I let it sit for a while, maybe too long. Over the past two years I have been fine tuning how I would like to show these "forgotten" areas that litter the Albertan landscape and after countless hours and thousands of kilometres I am almost ready.

Those who see me know I've been talking about the update to my site for far far too long. And probably have given up on me actually doing it (I was close to one of them). But I am happy to say that in the coming weeks there will be a new site, with new portfolios and a new overall look to it. I'm quite excited about it.

Thats all for now. Thanks for reading.